The Inspiration
There is nothing more beautiful than Our Journey together. Sometimes is hard, from time to time is cheerful but we both nurture our love to grow with time. It just likes the bright star in the dark sky,  the blossoming flower, the spring breeze. Let's your imagination flow with your way. That is how Anita integrates her jewelry piece into every single step of our life. She loves to observe every lady she meets, to see the mysterious beauty behind, to find out the complement to enhance her beauty, how her jewelry will represent her and will talk on her behalf. She loves to talk with her client, listen to their simple dream and their wish. That is the way for Anita to create a jewelry piece:  A one-of-a-kind piece of artwork jewelry which reflects her client's personality. Anita's life has been transforming into the great path since she has her daughter. Grace is her whole inspiration, novelty, muse, and passion which are thriving her every single day of journey to art, love, and life.
The Concept Design
Transform your dream into your jewelry piece, it represents you, and only you are dignified one. Combine raw material, creativity, imagination, with sophisticated and delicate of color and lights which form and reveal the piece through endless love from your heart. It's so important for us to listen to your story and beyond because your happiness is our concept of design.  We are pleased to offer our customers exquisite designer custom jewelry. Algems specializes in making one-of-a-kind handcrafted custom jewelry pieces that range from diamond engagement rings to custom hip hop pendants and diamond necklaces.Tired of your old pieces of jewelry, we can reuse the gold, diamonds, and gemstones to remake one-of-a-kind jewelry and then have it appraised by EGL, World top new Jewelry appraiser and laboratory. We work with each customer throughout the manufacturing process to meet and exceed expectations on every level.


The unique natural color of gemstone on a single stone. Fascinate of how gemstone was the deposit, and distinction characteristic reflects the rarity, the translucent with subtle color, the process of mining, faceting to become a unique piece as unique as each of us. Essential between the color of nature, the color of gemstone and color of life. With daring and creativity, interfering the emotion and expression into precious piece and produce the timeless desirable .

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