For nearly 20 years, World renowned designer to Royalty, Anita Mai Tan has established the ALGems for the sole purpose of sharing her designs with the World. Poetry Nature is her muse. Her creativity design elements so delicately crafted to maintain the qualities of elegance style expected from a piece of Anita Mai TAN. There are those who believe that jewelry is jewelry, there are those who know different. A few around the world with the experience, eye pedigree know that the highest level of jewelry in the world is custom designed, is “inbred”, is at the level of true artistry, the creation of exquisite quality in both design raw materials. It is not merely knowledge, but experiential wisdom. Anita Mai TAN’s pieces have been called technical marvels have been featured as such, among other places in the; Karajewelries; News Media from Japan, US, Europe to Russia. Several of her collection has sold at millions of Euros.

Anita's life has been transforming into the big path since, with her husband X.Tan they have Grace. She is her whole inspiration, novelty, muse and passion which are thriving Anita's every signly day of journey to art, love and life

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Our Passion

Our passion is to devise a real value personalized piece, the passion for customizing jewelry. We believe the precious piece is not an object; it always has the sense behind either an award for our achievement, the memory, the celebration, the remarkable moment. It brings happiness to us. The passion for defining the unique customized jewel.

Our Quality

Quality is important for our goal and concept. It has to unify and has unique quality from the craft, gemstones source, and cutting. Sourcing gemstone direct from the mine, working directly with gems cutter master to find the best cut, produced by the best craftsman team with traditional method and modern technique.